Is AI the new future for classic rock or our worst nightmare?

Beatles guitar memorabilia
Beatles guitar memorabilia / Ian Waldie/GettyImages
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Keeping that Beatles theme going for now, other AI work has looked at some crossovers on vocals and music. What would the Beach Boys’ classic "God Only Knows" sound like if the vocals were by Paul McCartney and John Lennon? It's a song Paul is well known to rate as an all-time personal favorite and a very plausible example to create. 

There are many other bands and singers where songs could be created or reimagined using AI. Another recent example of an alternative approach is a "new" Dire Straits song. Rather than a reworking, this appears to be a new song written and played in the style of the original band. Very distinctive Mark Knopfler style guitar and vocals do help give it that characteristic Dire Straits feel. Using AI in this way is perhaps closer to a songwriter being influenced by a favorite band.

As you can see, it's been shared via the band's official Twitter account. But that doesn't necessarily mean an endorsement or approval.  

All this raises wide implications and issues. The Dire Straits and the Beach Boys reworked examples above have brought some positive comments as with the Beatles song. However, a few also consider using technology this way slightly scary. Some listeners will like the examples; others may not take to them and feel disappointed, considering them unworthy of being associated with their favorite bands.