Amazing record breaking price tag expected for Queen back catalog sale

Queen Rock Rio
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Any idea how much the sale of the back catalog of the iconic rock group Queen could cost? We might all find out very soon.

As one of the top classic rock bands, with a stunning back catalog of music, the band members of Queen could command a very high price if they sell, as reports suggest could be happening soon. 

Music Business Worldwide (MBW) reckon that a sale is very much in the offing and with early negotiations already underway, it could all be completed as a potential record-breaking sale by the summer. MBW sources suggest the price could be an astonishing $1.1 billion and possibly even higher if rival bids emerge.

With considerable hits in terms of albums and singles amongst the band's 15 studio albums, 10 live albums, and a couple of soundtrack records, a lot of great music is potentially being sold. Streaming and album sales of Queen’s music received a boost when the film “Bohemian Rhapsody” was released in 2018 to great commercial success, grossing over $910 million.

Queen's catalog negotiations may prove complex

Deals of this size can often involve complex negotiations, which could be true for Queen music. Disney Music Group owns the catalog in North America; the rest of the rights lie with Queen Productions Ltd., owned equally by all four original band members, Roger Taylor, Brian May, John Deacon, and the estate of Freddie Mercury.

Taylor and May still regularly play and collaborate. We Will Rock You, the musical which they worked on together, is about to reopen in London, and the two musicians are touring in the US from October 2023 as  Queen + Adam Lambert - The Rhapsody Tour. Bassist John Deacon hasn’t performed with the other Queen members since retiring in 1997. 

All three band members, along with Mercury’s estate, would considerably boost their wealth if the sale is completed. Bruce Springsteen seemed to have smashed the record books, with his 2021 catalog sale coming in at around $500 million. This Queen deal would certainly set an amazing new benchmark if the sources prove correct.

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