The Beatles join Spotify's Billions Club with 1 billion streams on Here Comes the Sun

Royal Mail Stamps featuring The Beatles - Photocall - January 8, 2007
Royal Mail Stamps featuring The Beatles - Photocall - January 8, 2007 / Danny Martindale/GettyImages

It's that time of the year again when the sun teases us all. As a Brit, this means the return of the "three B's" - beaches, barbecues, and Beatles. I am, of course, talking about their most popular and timeless song, "Here Comes the Sun."

"Here Comes the Sun" is the most notorious piece of work from the genius George Harrison. It is featured on The Beatles' album Abbey Road, one of the most popular rock albums of all time, although it incorporates rhythms from other genres of music such as the blues and early pop.

Although the Beatles sadly dismantled in 1970, marking an end to their 10-year stint dominating the music scene, their music lives on. Each Beatle has gone on to have an incredible solo career, but they will all admit that their participation in the Liverpool-based rock band made them.

Here Comes the Sun achieves 1 billion streams on Spotify

Released in 1969, a year before the band split up, "Here Comes the Sun" just last week reached one billion streams on Spotify (as of May 9, 2023). It is the first Beatles song to reach the huge landmark and the 406th track to reach one billion streams on the platform, according to USA Today.

It may be confusing why the track took so long to reach one billion streams since The Beatles are some of the most popular musicians ever. However, it could likely come down to the age of the band and their most popular target audience, who may stay away from streaming platforms such as Spotify.

The feel-good summer song is benefitted from its high repeat value. Due to the nature of the song being seasonal to summer, it is often placed back into playlists every time we see the first glimpse of the sun. Although the "sun" shich Harrison penned doesn't have to be taken literally, it could be metaphorically, as many of the Beatles' lyrics are.

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