Def Leppard perform a live radio session including an amazing classic rock cover

Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott
Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott / Medios y Media/GettyImages

Def Leppard has just performed live with the BBC Concert Orchestra in London and stunned listeners with their amazing cover of one of the top classic rock tracks.

The BBC Piano Room is a regular live feature on BBC Radio 2 in the UK. The name comes from the Steinway piano in the studio, previously owned and donated to the BBC by Elton John.

During the live sessions, top acts perform three tracks. One of their well-known songs, something new and a classic cover version from another artist. Accompanied by the BBC Concert Orchestra, the Piano Room sessions have created some fantastic sounds.

May 18 saw the turn of British rock band Def Leppard to perform in the Piano Room sessions series. Their new album, Drastic Symphonies was released on May 19 and featured the band reworking and recording many of their best tracks with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. So having an orchestra n the Piano Room wasn’t new to the band.

Def Leppard and a classic cover

Def Leppard used that orchestral experience to deliver their three brilliant live set songs. They opened with “Hysteria,” then a piano-accompanied, simple version of “Pour Some Sugar On Me” before closing with an amazing cover of David Bowie’s Life on Mars. 

Some cover songs don’t always hit the mark and can be disappointing, but they definitely get top marks for their take on the Bowie classic.

The sessions are recorded for broadcast and are also videoed and made available to view for 30 days on the BBC iPlayer, which is only available in the UK. The recording of “Pour Some Sugar On Me” has though been released on You Tube.

That’s a great way to launch their new album. Def Leppard is also kicking off their UK and European leg of a World tour which has been running since February. It’s a stunning double bill tour with the band hitting the stage alongside Motley Crue, self-titled as the world’s most notorious rock band. They open in Sheffield, UK, on May 22 with what should be fantastic nights for rock fans.

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