A few of the best rock star appearances on Sesame Street

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Honorable Mentions

Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash’s appearance on Sesame Street might seem strange nowadays when he’s remembered as a solemn elder statesman of country, but in 1975, when he appeared on Sesame Street, he’s just recorded an album of kids’ songs. "Nasty Dan," the song he sang with Oscar the Grouch, was actually written by Jeff Moss, who wrote Sesame Street’s "Rubber Duckie" song.

Elvis Costello

Some Sesame Street song parodies write themselves. Changing The Beatles’ “Let It Be” to “Letter B” is a no-brainer. Others are so out of left field that only a mad genius or someone facing a tight deadline with no inspiration could’ve come up with them. 

I cannot figure out whether it was mad genius or desperation that changed Elvis Costello’s “The Angels Wanna Wear My Red Shoes” to “The Monsters Went And Ate My Red Two.” But either way, Costello was game to come on and sing it, proving that no one can be a curmudgeon around muppets. Elmo dressed as Elvis Costello is a nice touch too. 

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