ICYMI: Still an 'Uptown Girl': Christie Brinkley danced to Billy Joel's hit at MSG

Eho doesn't like to see a song practically come to life?
Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel Sighting - July 4, 1987
Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel Sighting - July 4, 1987 / Tom Wargacki/GettyImages

The iconic "Uptown Girl" continues to enjoy her elevated lifestyle.

During a recent concert at Madison Square Garden, Billy Joel's supermodel ex-wife Christie Brinkley was seen dancing and singing along as he performed "Uptown Girl," the song he wrote for her. A video shared on TikTok captured the 70-year-old model enjoying the performance with a radiant smile. "Uptown Girl," released in 1983, was inspired by Brinkley, whom BillyJoel married in 1985 and divorced in 1994.

She also starred in the music video for the song. Initially, Joel started writing "Uptown Girl" while dating equally the amazing-looking Elle MacPherson, with the working title "Uptown Girls." However, as he and MacPherson parted ways and his relationship with Brinkley blossomed, the song evolved to focus solely on Brinkley.

Yes, Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl" is about Christie Brinkley

Joel clarified that the song is about Brinkley during a 2010 interview on The Howard Stern Show, emphasizing, "I started writing it about one person," in response to doubts about the song's inspiration. Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley share a daughter, 38-year-old Alexa Ray Joel. Joel's marital history includes Elizabeth Weber (until 1982), Katie Lee (2004-2009), and currently Alexis Roderick since 2015.

It's said he "refers to his former wives as Ex 1, Ex 2, and Ex 3." He and Roderick have two daughters, Della Rose Joel, 8, and Remy Anne Joel, 6.

It can be good to have your own theme song

In a 2019 interview with Yahoo Entertainment, Brinkley reflected on her connection to "Uptown Girl," expressing her delight in having such an iconic theme song. "Being the 'Uptown Girl' was really fun, and it remains really fun to have a theme song," she remarked. Sure enough, anyone who's down in the dumps might feel more refreshed and alive if they remember, "Oh yeah, this person wrote a world famous love song about me!"

As someone who was already a famous model, she definitely hears it when she goes out: "You know, you go into tennis and they play it. You go here or on a talk show and they play it as you walk out. It's really fun to have a theme song, you know? How many (people) get to have that?"

(Of course, there is some entrance music that is perhaps more iconic, with this one below being a serious contender:)

Billy Joel still performing live, still going strong

In addition to performing at the2024 Grammy Awards, Billy Joel's residency at Madison Square Garden began in January 2014, with his record-setting performances set to conclude on July 25. In 2006, with 12 consecutive performances, Joel set the record for "most consecutive performances by any artist" at the venue, and then re-broke the record in 2015. The milestone 100th show of his residency was broadcast on CBS on April 14, though it ended prematurely during his rendition of "Piano Man."

Well, here is that song in uninterrupted, music video form, at least: