Is ZZ Top still playing and touring together?

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Formed in 1969 in Houston, Texas, ZZ Top is a rock band known for their unique style and sound. Will ZZ Top follow the way of other bands with a farewell tour? According to guitarist Billy Gibbons, he wants to follow the path of Muddy Rivers, "Do it until you die."

In an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, Gibbins talks about future plans for ZZ Top and the current tour, The Sharp Dressed Simple Man Tour with Lynyrd Skynyrd. The 22 city tour began on July 21 in West Palm Beach, FL, and will continue until September when they play the final show in Camden, NJ.

Who are the members of ZZ Top?

The band's original lineup consisted of vocalist-guitarist Billy Gibbons, drummer Frank Beard and bassist-vocalist Dusty Hill. Shortly after signing with London Records, the band released ZZ Top's First Album in 1971. They would make themselves known with their rock, blues, and boogie sounds and the fantastic live shows.

After the death of Hill in 2021, per his request, longtime guitar tech Elwood Francis would take over as bass player for the band. Before Hill's passing, the band had achieved the distinction of having the longest-standing lineup in the history of popular music. The trio of Gibbons/Hill/Beard had remained the same since the band's formation.

Regarding what is in store for ZZ Top, Gibbins, who recently finished a tour with the BFGs, has shared that they have no plans for a farewell tour. He referred to a conversation he had with Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones where Richards said, “Man, if we’re lucky enough to follow the words of Muddy Waters, he said, ‘Do it until you die."

Speaking about new music from ZZ Top, the guitarist stated that there are some new ZZ Top sessions and new tracks from BFG. So look forward to new music from Billy Gibbons & the BFGs and ZZ Top.

In 2022 the band released an album, "Raw," which featured the original lineup of
Gibbons/Hill/Beard. This album served as the soundtrack for the Grammy-nominated feature documentary ZZ Top: That Little Ol' Band from Texas, directed by Sam Dunn.

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