Opinion: Liam Gallagher is too cool for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Liam Gallagher does not need your formal award recognition nonsense. He's too busy out doing cool guy stuff, or whatever.

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Liam Gallagher, the former lead singer of Oasis and renowned solo artist known for his iconic bored expression, has expressed his utter lack of enthusiasm regarding his band's potential induction into the prestigious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2024. In a characteristically succinct and blunt manner, Gallagher took to Twitter to air his discontent, exclaiming, "[Forget] the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, it's full of BUMBACLARTS." (For those, such as myself, who don't know what "bumbaclart" means, Ultimate Classic Rock explains "'Bumbaclart' is a Jamaican derogatory term that literally means 'ass cloth.'")

This sentiment, laced with that edgy Jamaican slang to convey his disdain, encapsulates his dismissive stance towards the nomination. Despite Oasis lagging behind in fan votes for the Hall of Fame induction, Gallagher discouraged a supporter from wasting effort on drumming up support for votes, asserting [and we'll paraphrase it for slight grammatical reasons], "Don't waste your time, kid, as much as it's appreciated, it's all a load of bollox."

He further expressed skepticism about the credibility of such awards, implying a sense of disillusionment with the entire process (maybe he'll send some picture postcards to the other nominees because he'll be out somewhere in the real world doing real cool guy/creative genius stuff). Gallagher's previous indifference towards Oasis' potential induction was evidenced by his remark in 2021: "Not interested in any of that." How cool is that? (The answer is: Pretty darn cool.)

Is Liam Gallagher too cool for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...and why?

It seems Liam Gallagher's stance remains consistent in its disregard for formal recognition within the music industry. And why not? If you're a cool dude, you'll surely think formal ceremonies in the corporate music industry are the equivalent to McDonald's ads, and that receiving an award probably means you're bad/bland/mediocre/formulaic, and all of that sort of stuff.

It's equivalent to a fast food worker scoffing at the idea of posing next to Ronald McDonald and being gifted a pair of golden clown shoes, right? Does some sort of award really get rid of that guilt for working for a megacorporation? Again, Gallagher's acerbic reaction is in contrast to other notable musicians such as Ozzy Osbourne, Mick Jones of Foreigner, and Peter Frampton have expressed gratitude and excitement at the prospect of being nominated.

Osbourne, who is himself sort of the mascot of metal, said specifically: "I’m deeply honored to receive this news from the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame..." (Others, who see through the lies, are thinking, in so many words: "Sure you are honored, Ozzy...now go do the equivalent of flipping burgers for the man as he rakes in those profits from your bat head-biting behind.")

Final thoughts

These different responses highlight a spectrum of attitudes towards such accolades within the music community. Obviously, one might have fun dreaming up theoretical perspectives about other rock stars ("What if GG Allin had been nominated?"), but there's evidence enough that something's wrong here, man. Gallagher's candid rejection of the Rock Hall induction echoes sentiments expressed by other artists in the past, underscoring a broader skepticism towards institutional recognition (as another hypothetical, Mojo Nixon (R.I.P.) probably would have rejected a nomination).

For example, John Lydon (or "Johnny Rotten" of the Sex Pistols), would probably sneer at the idea, as he pretty much sneers at everything else (aside from Donald Trump, as it makes sense to reject monarchy in the UK while accepting a theocratic, neo-fascist dictatoship here in the States). That being said, there are less dramatic figures than Lydon who have expressed mixed feelings about the honor. Notably, in 2022, Dolly Parton initially declined her nomination before ultimately accepting it, signaling the complex relationship between artists and institutional honors.

As the voting process unfolds and the Class of 2024 is announced in late April, Gallagher's defiant stance adds a layer of intrigue to the proceedings, challenging the perceived importance of such prestigious acknowledgments in the world of music. Some people are too cool for the Rock Hall, and that's okay. They still put in their work hours, got paid, probably got laid, and probably wore shades. That's real rock and roll, baby (cha-ching!)!

As a comment on this video below notes: "The best part about Liam is he looks like he really can't be bothered, and filming a music video is the last thing he wants to do. Brilliant." Brilliant, indeed (or whatever).