Remembering Voxhaul Broadcast: Tribute to an energetic indie rock band

Voxhaul Broadcast were a good band with good songs, and that's good enough reason to check them out.
2011 Noise Pop Music Festival - Day 3
2011 Noise Pop Music Festival - Day 3 / Tim Mosenfelder/GettyImages

Voxhaul Broadcast was an indie rock band from Los Angeles, California, known for their energetic live performances and catchy melodies. The band was formed in 2006 and consisted of members David Dennis (vocals, guitar), Tony Aguiar (guitar), Phillip Munsey II (bass), and Kurt Allen (drums). Their music blended elements of rock, soul, and blues, creating a distinctive sound that garnered them a dedicated following. Voxhaul Broadcast gained attention with their EP releases and singles such as "Leaving on the 5th," "Rotten Apples," and "You Are the Wilderness."

Here is that track, which was also featured prominently in an episode of The Walking Dead. They may have a cult following for appearing on that soundtrack alone.

Their music received positive reviews from critics and fans alike, and they toured extensively, building a reputation as an electrifying live act. In 2011-2012, Voxhaul Broadcast released their debut (and seemingly final) album titled Timing Is Everything.

The album featured their trademark blend of rock and soul-infused melodies, showcasing their songwriting prowess and musical versatility. However, despite critical acclaim, the band either faced challenges in songwriting, had personal differences, had diverse interests, or perhaps wasn't gaining enough widespread mainstream recognition, and they broke up.

A solid American band

Following the release of their debut album, the band eventually announced their disbandment, and there hasn't yet been a "reunion" (at least not that I could discover). While Voxhaul Broadcast may no longer be active as a band, their music continues to resonate with fans of indie rock, and they remain remembered for their contributions to the music scene during their time together. I also want to make clear that this is a solid band that built itself on its tunes, rather than on image or gimmicks. They just have some good tunes, and are worth checking out for that simple reason...and there's nothing wrong with that.

While their absence is felt by some fans in the music world, their body of work stands as a testament to their talent. Voxhaul Broadcast exemplifies a band that prioritized substance over superficiality, leaving behind a relatively small catalog of songs that speak volumes about their passion and creativity. Maybe they never reached number one on the charts, but they may be number one in some people's hearts.