The Slayer wife had her say, now a Slayer reunion's underway

Sometimes a "nagging wife" is actually not a bad thing, and that seems true for plenty of Slayer fans in 2024.
Performances - Day 2 - Primavera Sound Festival 2017
Performances - Day 2 - Primavera Sound Festival 2017 / Xavi Torrent/GettyImages

Sandra Araya, wife of Tom Araya, has vehemently responded to online critics (or "trolls"), revealing that her persistent efforts were instrumental in orchestrating the long-awaited (well, in metal years) Slayer reunion. After more than a year of relentless persuasion, Tom Araya finally agreed to the reunion, culminating in the recent announcement of the band's return to the stage. The news of Slayer's reunion, announced on February 21, came as a surprise to many fans, considering guitarist Kerry King's recent comments suggesting a slim chance of such a reunion.

However, with Araya's reluctant consent, the band is set to headline live shows at Chicago's Riot Fest and Louisville's Louder Than Life in September, marking their first performances since November 2019. Tom Araya said: "Nothing compares to the 90 minutes when we’re on stage playing live, sharing that intense energy with our fans, and to be honest, we have missed that."

Louder Than Life's Danny Wimmer shared the exciting news: "We’re thrilled to announce that Slayer will be reuniting for an earth-shattering performance at Louder Than Life. I was at their last show at the Forum in 2019 and have been working since then to bring them back to the Louder stage! With over 140 bands on five stages, we’re celebrating our 10th Louder Than Life with the biggest lineup yet!"

The Slayer reunion was reluctant, but sounds real

In a fiery response to detractors on her Facebook and Instagram pages, Sandra clarified that without her persistent urging, the reunion might not have materialized. She posted: "I have harassed him for over a year. He agreed FINALLY." She expressed gratitude for Tom's love for both her and the fans, emphasizing that her relentless pursuit played a pivotal role in bringing Slayer back together. It's also a reminder that even non-musician women sometimes influence rock and metal music.

The unexpected reunion comes after the band concluded their farewell tour in November 2019 with a final show at The Forum in Los Angeles. Despite previous assertions from Kerry King and his wife Ayesha ruling out any possibility of a reunion, it's potentially heartwarming how Tom Araya expressed his excitement about returning to the stage, highlighting the unmatched energy of live performances and the profound connection with their dedicated fanbase.

As Slayer prepares to reignite their ferocious stage presence, both Tom Araya and Kerry King acknowledge the significance of their fans and the irreplaceable thrill of performing live, setting the stage for a triumphant comeback after a five-year hiatus. This appears to be quite a year for metal concerts!