Watch: Beth Gibbons' new video for "Floating On A Moment" to promote 1st solo album

Portishead doens't have a new album out, but singer Beth Gibbons does, and her new track and video are a feast for the eyes and ears.
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Recently, Beth Gibbons of the acclaimed band Portishead began hinting at her inaugural solo project, and she has now officially unveiled the details of her upcoming album while sharing its leading track, "Floating on a Moment." The album, named Lives Outgrown, was crafted in collaboration with producers James Ford and Gibbons herself, alongside additional production input from Lee Harris of Talk Talk, with whom Gibbons previously collaborated on a joint album in 2002 alongside fellow Talk Talk member Paul Webb.

Reflecting on her experiences in a press release, Gibbons expressed coming to realize the bleakness of existence without hope — a sorrow she hadn't encountered before. Gibbons suggests that, previously, she felt empowered to shape her destiny, but when confronted with the limitations of her own body, found herself powerless to alter life's inevitable course of mortality. Lives Outgrown delves into the contemplation of mortality, as Gibbons explains, as she witnessed people passing away.

In youth, the inevitability of endings often eludes us; we hold onto the belief that we'll surpass adversity and that things will improve. Yet, some conclusions prove difficult to reconcile with stark reality's "take-home" message of death's inevitability. The album's lead single, "Floating On A Moment," is accompanied by a visually captivating music video directed by Tony Oursler, adding another layer of depth to Gibbons' introspective exploration, which is reminiscent of Patti Smith. Check it our directly below!

Who are Beth Gibbons and Portishead?

Portishead is a British band renowned for pioneering the trip-hop genre in the 1990s. Formed in Bristol in 1991, the core group consists of Geoff Barrow, Beth Gibbons, and Adrian Utley. Their distinct sound combines elements of hip-hop, jazz, and electronic music, characterized by haunting melodies, intricate sampling, and Gibbons' soulful vocals. Their debut album, Dummy, was released in 1994. For many, it is a magical album in what is typically a magical subgenre. Dummy featured hit singles like "It Could Be Sweet," "Roads," "Sour Times" and "Glory Box," earning critical praise and commercial success.

The album's atmospheric production and Gibbons' emotive delivery captivated audiences, establishing Portishead as a leading force in the alternative music scene. Following the success of Dummy" Portishead released their sophomore album, Portishead, in 1997. The album further solidified their reputation, showcasing a darker and more experimental sound while maintaining their signature aesthetic. Tracks like "All Mine," "Half Day Closing," and "Over" demonstrated the band's evolution, expanding their sonic palette while retaining their distinctive style.

Their third album, Third"

Despite a prolonged hiatus ( after the release of their incredible live album), Portishead returned to the spotlight with their third studio album, Third, in 2008. Containing moody tracks like "Machine Gun" and "We Carry On," "Third" showcased a renewed creative energy, incorporating elements of folk, krautrock, and industrial music.

Though less pop-oriented than their previous albums, Third received widespread acclaim, reaffirming Portishead's status as innovator in the music industry. Throughout their career, Portishead has remained influential, inspiring countless artists across genres. Their pioneering contributions to trip-hop and experimental music continue to resonate with audiences worldwide, solidifying their legacy as one of the most iconic bands of the 20th century.

Oddly enough, 2024 seems like a big year for 1990s acts. Green Day has released new material, and Pearl Jam has a new album coming out. Why not trip-hop? After all, trip-hop also finds itself under the broad umbrella of "alternative" music, and Beth Gibbons was certainly a known musical performer from the '90s...and still is well-known enough that this album's sure to be a success.