Adrienne from Brooklyn: An iconic Beatlemania fan remembered (+ other Beatles news)

Paul McCartney finally responded to a huge fan...60+ years later.
The Paul McCartney superfan recognized decades later
The Paul McCartney superfan recognized decades later / NBC News

Sixty years ago, "Adrienne from Brooklyn" became a symbol of Beatlemania during a CBS News segment, no doubt propelled into the phenomenon after their appearence on The Ed Sullivan Show. With a thick New York accent, she passionately declared, "I love the Beatles and I’ll always love them.
Even when I’m 105 and an old grandmother I’ll love ’em. And Paul McCartney, if you are listening, Adrienne from Brooklyn loves you with all her heart!"

Decades and decades later, Paul McCartney finally acknowledged Adrienne's heartfelt message. In an Instagram video, he said, "Hey Adrienne, it’s Paul. Listen, I saw your video. I’m in Brooklyn now, I’m in New York, I finally got here. We got an exhibition, a photo exhibition. Come along and see it."

He added in the caption, "And Adrienne from Brooklyn if you are listening, Paul McCartney from Liverpool loves you, too." McCartney was referring to his Beatlemania-era photography exhibition, Paul McCartney Photographs 1963-64: Eyes of the Storm.
The Guardian has said "McCartney’s hitherto unseen photos...record a pivotal moment in popular culture."

More on Adrienne, McCartney's exhibition, and Ringo news

McCartney's photos are currently on display at the Brooklyn Museum until August 18, 2024. While Adrienne's current whereabouts are unknown, there are speculations about her fate. It is believed that "Adrienne from Brooklyn" was Adrienne D’Onofrio, who passed away from lymphoma in 1992 at the age of 41.

Rolling Stone spoke with her daughter Nicole and son-in-law John, who discovered Adrienne's Beatles record in a closet after her death. John noted that one of the records had "Adrienne and Paul" scrawled on the sleeve, encircled by a heart. If true, this truly was a woman who wore her heart on her sleeve, and a reminder that even some fans can be iconic and remembered down the ages.

In related news, Ringo Starr, the other surviving Beatle, recently released the Crooked Boy EP, featuring Nick Valensi, guitarist for The Strokes. Starr is also working on a country album. Here is Ringo's latest effort, which surely will at least be loved by hardcore Beatlemaniacs:

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