Cast (band): Jangly guitars, catchy melodies, and an enduring legacy

A little look at a Liverpool band called Cast, in light of their latest album.

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With a new album out, it makes sense to do a quick look at the band Cast. Cast is a British rock band that emerged in the 1990s during the Britpop era. The band was formed in 1992 in Liverpool, England, and gained popularity with their melodic and guitar-driven sound. The original lineup included John Power (vocals, guitar), Peter Wilkinson (bass), Liam "Skin" Tyson (lead guitar), and Keith O'Neill (drums).

One of Cast's defining moments came with their debut album, All Change, released in 1995. The album was well-received and included hit singles like "Fine Time" and "Alright" (not to be confused with the Kendrick Lamar song, or 50 billion other songs that prominently feature the word "alright").

All Change became the fastest-selling debut album in the history of the Polydor label at that time. Following the success of their debut, Cast released several more albums, including Mother Nature Calls" 1997) with its hit, "Free Me," a followup called Magic Hour (1999), and Beetroot (2001). While the band experienced continued success, they didn't achieve the same level of commercial recognition as with their debut album. Cast has plans to tour with Liam Gallagher. Also, for those who didn't notice yet: Liam Gallagher is a cool dude.

Cast and lineup changes

Over the years, Cast underwent lineup changes, with various members coming and going — reminiscent of Butt-Head, of Beavis and Butt-Head's observation regarding music: "How come the Chili Peppers, like, have a new guitar player, like, every couple weeks?" Cast may not be quite like that, and we can at least say that John Power, the lead vocalist and guitarist, has been a constant presence in the band throughout its various phases.

Although Cast may not have maintained the same level of mainstream success as some of their Britpop contemporaries, they have retained a dedicated fan base and continued to release music. Like another "Supersonic" band of that initial era, their sound is often characterized by catchy melodies and jangly guitars (though Power's vocals will likely distinguish them from certain other bands).

Closing observations

  • Their second album, Mother Nature Calls, went platinum and stayed in the Top 40 for over 6 months.
  • Current lineup (as of this article's publishing date): John Power, Liam "Skin" Tyson, Keith O'Neill, and
    Jay Lewis (bass).
  • Regarding playlist placement, Cast would go along with bands such as Supergrass, The La's, Shack, and Space.
  • Finally, I should comment on one of the band’s weaknesses: It can be tricky to look up the band “Cast,” because it’s synonymous with search results for casts in various musicals or films (it’s also surely not the greatest band name, even putting that issue aside).

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