Happy Birthday, Freddie Mercury, remember him today with these fun facts

Queen At Wembley
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Today would have been Freddie Mercury's 77th birthday. The British singer, songwriter, and record producer of Queen, with his four-octave range, is remembered as one of the best singers in the history of rock music. Today, let's remember him with some interesting facts.

On Mercury's 70th birthday, an asteroid discovered in 1991, the year of his death, was named after him. Queen guitarist Brian May announced to 1,250 fans at Montreux Casino in Switzerland that the asteroid formerly known as 17473 was dubbed Freddiemercury.

Queen is known for their intense Scrabble games, one of which May scored the highest points with the word Lacquers, on a triple world using all seven letters, for 168 points. Mercury was a self-proclaimed demon at the game, and one of his favorite words to use? Innuendo, which is also the title of one of the band's songs and album.

One well-known fact is that Mercury designed the band's logo or crest, using each band member's zodiac signs, and he didn't even believe in astrology. He used the creatures for each: two lions for Leo, John Deacon, and Roger Taylor; a crab for Cancer, Brian May; and two fairies for Virgo, Freddie Mercury. Mercury received a degree in Art And Graphic Design from Ealing, which proved valuable.

Fun facts about Freddie Mercury

One interesting fact about Mercury mentioned in the 2018 biopic Bohemian Rhapsody is that he had four extra teeth in the back of his mouth. These extra teeth forced his other teeth forward, giving him his trademark overbite. Even though he was self-conscious about his teeth, he believed altering anything in his mouth could change his vocal range.

Mercury was an avid cat lover and had as many as ten at one point. Although Tiffany, the cat gifted to him by Mary Austin, was a purebred, the others were rescues. One of the rescues was his favorite, Delilah, for which he wrote a song included on the band's album Innuendo.

"Delilah, Delilah, oh my, oh my, oh my - you're irresistible You make me smile when I'm just about to cry You bring me hope, you make me laugh - you like it You get away with murder, so innocent But when you throw a moody you're all claws and you bite - That's alright ! Delilah, Delilah, oh my, oh my, oh my - you're unpredictable You make me so very happy When you cuddle up and go to sleep beside me And then you make me slightly mad When you pee all over my Chippendale Suite"

Delilah lyrics

Happy heavenly birthday, Freddie.

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