Jerry Hall said ex-husband Mick Jagger 'served his purpose'

Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall
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Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall had the definition of a rock 'n' roll romance. When they fell in love in the late 1970s, they fell hard. However, falling out of love was more of a steep downward plunge. The high-profile couple was together for 22 turbulent years. Ultimately, Jagger realized his wife was "impossible," while Hall recognized that the Rolling Stones' frontman had "served his purpose."

Mick Jagger said living with Jerry Hall was 'impossible' once she stopped smoking

Jagger and Hall met in the late 1970s while the frontman was still married to then-wife Bianca, and Hall was with then-fiancé Bryan Ferry. Hall eventually left Ferry and started a relationship with Jagger toward the end of his marriage.

The couple experienced many ups and downs but tied the knot in Bali in 1990. When they married, the couple already had two children, Elizabeth and James, but they had two more, Georgia and Gabriel, shortly after. However, their relationship didn't survive for much longer.

They decided to divorce in 1999 after Jagger was seen with another woman. However, their marriage had to be annulled because it was invalid in the U.K. Hall told the Guardian, "Getting a divorce is always horrible, because you feel you've failed. Everyone hates to give up on a marriage.

"You think your family's broken up. But we managed to keep the family quite strong, and to still be friendly. Divorce is not the end of the world. It's worse to stay in an unhealthy marriage. That's a worse example for the children."

She didn't like the idea of annulling the marriage, though, especially after 23 years and four children. "It seemed a bit rude," she said. Jagger, on the other hand, wanted out of the marriage. According to InStyle, he claimed Hall had become "impossible to live with" after she stopped smoking.

Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger.
Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall / Georges De Keerle/GettyImages

Jerry Hall said Mick Jagger 'served his purpose'

Reflecting on her marriage to Jagger during her interview with the Guardian, Hall said she'd had enough of the singer's infidelities shortly after they had Gabriel. "I thought, 'Right, done that, he's served his purpose,'" she said.

Hall claimed Jagger was a "problematic husband" but a good father to their children. "He was very good at helping them with their homework; he loves history; he was good at taking them for walks with the dogs; he loves outdoor activities, bike rides, playing cricket," she said.

Hall and Jagger had one of the most famous romances in pop culture history, but it was never meant to last forever. At least the pair remain friends and have mastered co-parenting over the years.

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