Playing live comes around again for Peter Frampton

Peter Frampton
Peter Frampton / Daniel Knighton/GettyImages

In a definite blast back to 1976 and the amazing double album, 'Frampton Comes Alive,' there’s great news that Peter Frampton is back on the road again.

Already well-established as a musician through The Herd and Humble Pie, Frampton hit a new level as a solo artist with one of the top-selling live albums of all time.

In 2019, Frampton was hit by the debilitating Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM), a slow progressive muscle weakening and wasting disease. But while he could still play, he went on the road and toured across the U.S.

I eagerly bought tickets for the U.K. leg in 2020 hoping to relive my teenage memories, but the pandemic put a stop to it. While we waited for the all-clear for live events again, there was a serious question on whether Frampton would still be able to make his fingers produce those amazing guitar sounds and solos.

Frampton came alive once again

That was answered in 2022 when I saw a fantastic  Frampton play at London’s Royal Albert Hall, which was later broadcast on PBS if you’d like to see it for yourself too.

His illness meant it was too dangerous for him to play standing so he sat throughout. Touchingly, his band was seated too, and he treated us to all the old favorite tracks, still playing brilliantly and with real energy. An emotional standing ovation was much deserved. 

With just five more European tour dates left as he bade farewell to the U.K.,  the audience may have thought this was the end of his live performances. As Frampton left the stage, he said he wasn’t closing the door entirely to more future live appearances.

Frampton has now followed up on his words in April. He announced on his social media and that he’d soon return to the stage for a U.S. tour, with dates in June through August. 

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Frampton also has a great collaboration coming with Dolly Parton. The pair play together on one of his big hits, "Baby I Love Your Way" on her new album Rockstar due out in November.  It's great to see him recording still and being able to play live again. Take the chance to see him if you can. 

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