The Bikeriders movie has a nostalgic soundtrack ripe with songs fitting of the era

The Jeff Nichols film, led by Austin Butler, Jodie Comer, and Tom Hardy, is doing well at the box office. It offers viewers a deep dive into motorcycle culture during the 60s & 70s, with a soundtrack to match.
Austin Butler as “Benny” in 20th Century Studios’ THE BIKERIDERS. Photo credit: Kyle Kaplan. All Rights Reserved.
Austin Butler as “Benny” in 20th Century Studios’ THE BIKERIDERS. Photo credit: Kyle Kaplan. All Rights Reserved. /

The Bikeriders movie made its way into theaters on June 21 and is certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes with an 81% ranking. The film chronicles the lives of members of the fictional motorcycle club known as the Vandals. It drew inspiration from Danny Lyons' 1968 same-titled photography book, which featured stories and images from Outlaws Motorcycle Club. As with any period movie, the soundtrack can make or break the vibe. The Bikeriders soundtrack is filled with R&B, blues, and rock tunes to enhance the nostalgic feel.

Written and directed by Jeff Nichols, known for Take Shelter and Mud and his long-running partnership with actor Michael Shannon, who stars in all of his feature films. A Focus Features production, The Bikeriders, premiered at the 50th Telluride Film Festival in August 2023. Now available in theaters, Nichols' film follows Lyon's book's purpose, which is to “attempt to record and glorify the life of the American bike rider."

Oscar nominee Tom Hardy portrays Johnny, the leader and founder of the club, with new member Benny, played by Austin Butler. His girlfriend Kathy (Jodie Comer) tells the story of the club via interviews years after the events occur. The film shows the evolution of the club from a place for local misfits to come together to a dangerous one that eventually becomes involved in illegal acts. The heart of the story is Benny's struggle between the woman he loves and the club he is loyal to.

Additional cast members include:

  • Michael Shannon – Zipco
  • Norman Reedus – Funny Sonny
  • Boyd Holbrook – Cal
  • Mike Faist – Danny Lyon
  • Damon Herriman – Brucie
  • Emory Cohen – Cockroach
  • Happy Anderson – Big Jack
  • Toby Wallace – The Kid
  • Karl Glusman – Corky
  • Beau Knapp – Wahoo

The Bikeriders - soundtrack

The songs included in the film give an authentic feel to a story set in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Whether the songs play in the background or more prominently, each song just fits the tone and setting of the movie. Check out the list below, which includes songs by The Shangri-Las, The Stooges, Muddy Waters, Cream, and more.

  • “Lonely Room” by Mickey Murray
  • “I Wanna Holler But the Town’s Too Small” by Gary U.S. Bonds
  • “Declaration of Independence” by Count Five
  • “Talkin Bout You” by The Animals
  • “Come and Get It” by Leroy Tooks
  • “Out in the Streets” written by Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich, Performed by Adrienne Pedrotti, Michelle M. Kahan & Leila Louise Henley
  • “Out in the Streets” by The Shangri-Las
  • “My Babe” by Dale Hawkins”
  • “Get Up and Get Out” by Clint Stacey
  • “Chino” from “The Wild One” by Leith Stevens
  • “Raunchy” by Bill Justis
  • “That’s All I Need” by Magic Sam
  • “Mama Talk To Your Daughter” by Magic Sam
  • “Road Runner” by Bo Diddley
  • “Mannish Boy (Electric Mud Version)” by Muddy Waters
  • “I Feel Free” by Cream
  • “New Orleans” by Garry U.S. Bonds
  • “Hush Little Baby” by Deon Jackson
  • “Baby Please Don’t Go” by Them feat. Van Morrison
  • “Master of War” by The Staple Singers
  • “Bet You’re Surprized” by Aaron Neville
  • “I’m Going Home” by The Sonics
  • “I’ll Never Learn” by The Shangri-Las
  • “I Can See” by Liberty Bell
  • “Oh Love” by Brother T. and Family
  • “I Don’t Know Who to Blame” by Pugsley Munion
  • “Down On the Street” by The Stooges
  • “Treat Him Right” by Mickey Murray
  • “I Don’t Worry Myself” by Johnny Adams
  • “Vandalize” by Ben Nichols
  • “Come Softly To Me” by the Fleetwoods
  • “Bikeriders” by Lucero

Ben Nichols, the older brother of director Jeff Nichols, is known as a member of the long-running band Lucero. He wrote "Vandalize" specifically for the film, and the duo extensively discussed their lives and careers on the Talk House podcast. Ben also wrote "Bikeriders" with Lucero, a song that directly speaks of Kathy and Benny and was written years before Jeff began the process for the movie.

The Bikeriders is available in theaters.

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