Don’t Call Bob Dylan a Singer/Songwriter

Bob Dylan changed the world of music. He made writing your own material a necessity and helped to usher in an era of music where that was the norm rather than the exception. However, a nasty tag has been attached to Dylan that I demand must stop. Bob Dylan is not a singer/songwriter. He is a singer and a songwriter but not a singer/songwriter.  The term singer/songwriter for the most part immediately, at least in my mind, conjures up images of John Denver, Jim Croce or Harry Chapin and this was not Bob Dylan by any means.

Sure, Dylan wrote personal songs. In spite of his claims to the counter, Bob Dylan, the personal behind the Bob Dylan façade, could quite often be glimpsed in his songs but, even in those instances, the results wouldn’t feel the same. There is an underlying demon that haunts the soul of Dylan. It prevents him from self-reflection or, even in his later life, a casual jaunt that so many singer/songwriters are masters of. Even now, Dylan remains on the prowl, searching for what all artist look for.

What is it you ask?

I don’t know. No artist to date has found it. That doesn’t mean we won’t stop looking for it.