Great Mashup Songs

Thanks to Glee, the mashup has become a popular phrase in the musical lexicon but, in my opinion, it has been terribly categorized by simply mixing one songs chorus into another songs verse.  Then I found these.  This dude who goes by Mighty Mike has done an amazing job at truly mashing songs together.  He extracts the vocals from one song and superimposes them onto the rhythm track of another song in a way that, often, works wonderfully.  I forget where I first heard of him but here are a few of my favorite mashups.  Enjoy.

Imagine (John Lennon) with Jump (Van Halen)

The part that really amazes me about this mashup is how tender the chorus (Might as well jump) is when underscored by Lennon’s track.

The Scientist (Coldplay) with More Than Words (Extreme)

I hate to admit it but I like this mashup better than I like either of the originals (and I like both originals). There are moments when this mashup feels so organic and natural that it’d be easy to convince someone who’d never heard either song that this was in fact the only version.

I Want To Break Free (Queen) with Black or White (Michael Jackson)

This is not an improvement on the Michael Jackson song but it is a huge improvement over the Queen song. I adore Queen but their 1980’s synth driven output just doesn’t grab me and this mashup does a good job at turning this into a more enjoyable song.

Proud Mary (CCR) with Love is the Answer (Weezer)

I realize that I’m pushing the definition of “classic rock” by including a Weezer track but it doesn’t get more classic than Creedence Clearwater Revival and this mashup give one of CCR’s most iconic songs a pretty chill, modern groove.

Mercy (Duffy) with Roxanne (The Police)

Aside from a truly frightening graphic on this video, this is a pretty cool mashup. I particularly dig how he brings the Police vocals in for the chorus. Very well done.

F@#$ You (Cee-Lo Green) with Henrietta (The Fratellis)

This last mashup doesn’t feature a single classic rock artist but I never turn away a chance to reccomend The Fratellis to people and they’re, at least, classic rock inspired.

Hope you enjoyed these mashups. If you find any others, please leave them in the comments and share them with all of us.